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1. What is Maricopa County’s tobacco-free policy and when does it take effect?
2. Whom does the tobacco-free policy affect?
3. How will the tobacco-free policy change be communicated to employees, visitors, and vendors?
4. How will this change make a positive difference for Maricopa County?
5. How was the tobacco-free policy developed?
6. How will visitors know that the Maricopa County property is tobacco-free?
7. Does the tobacco-free policy apply to all Maricopa County properties?
8. Will the tobacco-free policy be in effect during non-business hours, including government holidays and weekends?
9. Can I use tobacco in my own vehicle on Maricopa County property?
10. Will there still be designated smoking areas?
11. How is the tobacco-free policy different from the current policies about smoking and tobacco use?
12. How will the tobacco-free policy be enforced?
13. What are the consequences for people who violate the tobacco-free policy?
14. Is smokeless tobacco also banned?
15. Are e-cigarettes included in the tobacco-free policy?
16. Are e-cigarettes a safe alternative to smoking?
17. What will be done with the ashtrays around the buildings?
18. How will property owners adjacent to County properties be affected by the tobacco-free policy? Is there a plan to handle employees who just travel to the nearest off-campus sidewalk/building to smoke?
19. What should I do if I see someone smoking or using other tobacco products?
20. What resources are available to help those who want to quit tobacco?
21. Can I use the money I put aside in my flexible spending account or HSA to pay for costs related to smoking cessation aids and counseling that are not covered by insurance?
22. Will Maricopa County require people to quit using tobacco products?
23. Isn’t this tobacco-free policy a violation of my civil and constitutional rights?