How much will it cost to get my project approved?
The fee amount charged for the review depends on the type of project. Chapter 1, Regulation 5 of the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code (MCEHC) itemizes the fees. The submittal package instructions for each of the application forms on the Forms/Applications page also lists the fees charged for the different types of project components and contains directions on how to compute the fee for a project. Forms/Applications page

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1. What types of projects are reviewed by the Swimming Pool Program?
2. Who can prepare a project?
3. How do I submit a project for approval?
4. Whom should I contact if I have a question about submitting a project?
5. How can I obtain application and instruction forms?
6. What type of documentation needs to be included in my project submittal package?
7. Are electronic (digital format) documentation submittals accepted?
8. What types of documentation must be sealed by a Professional Engineer or Architect?
9. What format and how many copies of the documentation should be submitted?
10. Does the MCESD sign the cover page of the design drawings?
11. How much will it cost to get my project approved?
12. What happens after I have submitted my project?
13. How long will it take to get my project reviewed and approved?
14. Is there any way to expedite the review of my project?