How do I get drainage clearance?

A Drainage Clearance is issued as part of the Building Permitting process. A site plan has to be submitted to the Maricopa County Planning and Development Department. The Plan is taken in and a decision is made whether a site investigation is required. If not, then the plan is either issued over the counter or sent to Engineering for further review. If a site investigation is required, the applicant is told to stake the property corners of the building location and call for the site inspection. Once the inspection is performed, the decision is made as to whether an engineer needs to be retained to provide hydrology and/or hydraulic information, or are we able to issue the Drainage Clearance only based upon minimal information such as drainage arrows and cross-sections.

Once the final plans are prepared and sent to the Engineering Division for review and, if all of the requirements are met, they are approved. When all of the reviewing agencies are satisfied that the plan meets their requirements, a Drainage Clearance is issued as part of the County’s Permitting Process. For further information call 602-506-3301.

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