What does the program cost?
Total program costs will vary according to the needs and lifestyles of each individual. Food, housing, and transportation expenses are variable and the responsibility of the student. Interns must provide their own health and professional liability insurance in order to participate in the program. Arizona law does require drivers to carry automobile insurance and Arizona residents to have annual emission inspection completed on their vehicle. For a full list of program categories and fees please view the Part-Time Program Cost page.

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1. What are the admission requirements?
2. What are the applicant's responsibilities involved in the application process?
3. What are the selection criteria?
4. What is the timeline for applying to the AZ WIC Track Dietetic Internship?
5. What types of supervised practice experiences are offered by the AZ WIC Internship Track?
6. What is the program schedule?
7. What does the program cost?
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