Cigna Network Plan

An HMO-like plan, the Cigna Network Plan is managed care directed by a primary care physician (PCP), who issues referrals to specialists and other contracted health care professionals within a defined network of providers. The HMO is the most restrictive form of managed care, but generally has lower out-of-pocket costs. Coverage is available only in Maricopa County, except for a life-threatening emergency. Compare with the other plans >

Plan Contact Information

  • Provider Network: Cigna Preferred Partner HMO (formerly Cigna Medical Group)
  • Pharmacy: Cigna Pharmacy
  • Behavioral Health: Cigna Behavioral Health
  • ID card for Medical and Pharmacy Benefit

Group Number:3205496
Customer Service: 1-800-244-6224  
HSA Bank for Health Savings Account (HSA): 1-800-244-6224
Express Scripts Pharmacy Home Delivery: 1-800-835-3784
Accredo Specialty Pharmacy: 1-877-826-7657
Behavioral Health: 1-800-274-7603 or

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1. Cigna Network Plan
2. PPO (Preferred Provider Organization- UnitedHealthcare)
3. HDHP (High Deductible Health Plans- UnitedHealthcare or Cigna)