Internal Applications

Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (ICJIS) has developed a number of internal applications that facilitate access to, generation of, and exchange of data and information between the justice and law enforcement agencies of Maricopa County.

All applications are run within the ICJIS infrastructure and are connected to each stakeholder case management system via the ICJIS Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

  1. Justice Web Interface
  2. Common Case Number
  3. Criminal History & Disposition
  4. Electronic Warrant
  5. Pre-Booking

The JWI application allows for a different interface to be used to access criminal history and other information. JWI does not contain data; it accesses data sources, about 265, and allows users to select which pieces of data are applicable for viewing the complete picture of the subject. 

The interface is graphical and allows users to quickly enter requests, even combining many critical requests into one simple action. One of the important sources for JWI is criminal history data from all 50 states and U.S. territories.

Learn more about the JWI application.