Invoice Procedures for MCDOT

Procedure Steps

  1. Submit a complete Payment Request
    1. Always use one of the following MCDOT Payment Request Forms
      1. On Call Consultant (PDF) or On Call Construction (PDF)
      2. Project Specific (PDF)
    2. Attach invoice
    3. Include other backup as necessary or required by the contract
  2. Avoid these errors
    1. Generation of Payment Request prior to completion of work
    2. Excluding dates of service
    3. Omitting breakdown of professional services or work performed
    4. Incorrect rates (invoicing does not match contract fee proposal)
    5. Matriculation discrepancies
  3. Know your contract, work assignment, and certificate of insurance expiration dates
    1. Contract has expired
      1. A COP (Certificate of Performance) is required to close contract; or
      2. A CO (Change Order) is required to extend time and increase contract amount if necessary
    2. Work Assignment has expired
      1. A COP (Certificate of Performance) is required to close the work assignment; or
      2. An Amendment is required to extend time and increase work assignment amount if necessary
    3. Certificate of Insurance has expired
      1. All work must cease until insurance certificate is renewed
  4. Remember the following
    1. No verbal agreements are permitted
    2. All work assignments must be completed before the anticipated completion date of the work assignment and prior to the expiration of the contract
    3. A COP must always accompany a full and final invoice
    4. Items not included in the contract fee proposal must be adjusted by change order before the work assignment begins