Consultant & Contractor Information

Becoming a Consultant / Contractor for Maricopa County

The Maricopa County Procurement Code defines the requirements and authorities for procurement and contract activities associated with the design, construction, reconstruction and remodel of County facilities. Professional services related to engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, geology, land surveying and appraisals plus construction services fulfill these requirements.

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Benefits of Registering as a Consultant / Contractor

Maricopa County will maintain a register of consultants and contractors that have expressed an interest in performing work for the County and have provided evidence of the professional qualifications for such work.

As a registered consultant or contractor, you will receive notification of solicitation opportunities each time a formal solicitation for the commodity codes you identified is issued. A formal solicitation is defined as a bid or proposal with an estimated value of $500,000 or greater.

The Register List is also used to identify potential consultants for informal solicitations having a value of less than $250,000 for architect and $500,000 for Professional Services.

Being a registered consultant or contractor does not constitute a contract between Maricopa County and your firm. It only signifies your interest in doing business with Maricopa County.

Changes in Consultant / Contractor Information

It is your responsibility to promptly notify the Contract Services in writing of all changes in the registration information. Incidental correspondence or bids received with different information will not be considered a request for change. All change requests should be received through the Consultant / Contractor register.

Consultant / Contractors Qualifications

Consultant/Contractors qualifications are not reviewed before you are added to the Register List.