Area Agency on Aging (AAA)

The Area Agency on Aging is a non profit agency which assists the needs of Arizona by identifying the needs of services for adults aged 60 years and older and for persons with disabilities in need of long term care. After identifying the needs they work to develop a plan to address those needs and then network to locate similar partners to assist with accomplishing their goals. The creation and implementation of programs can range dependent on the needs of the citizens, some examples of their services are:
  • Home delivered meals, which are only for home-bound individuals
  • Personal care/home health aide to assist with bathing and personal grooming.
  • Homemaking services such as cleaning, laundry, and shopping.
  • Home Nursing to assist with pre-filling of medisets, preparation of insulin syringes, or monitoring of fragile health conditions.

Additional Services

Additional services that are available through the Area Agency on Aging:
  • Caregiver Information
  • Counseling
  • General Information
  • Housing Options
  • Information on Benefits
  • Inter-Generational Programs
  • Legal Help
  • Minor Home Repair
  • Nurse Visits
  • Older Worker Referrals
  • Recreation/Senior Centers
  • Referrals to Services
  • Support Groups
  • Transportation
  • Volunteer Opportunities