HIPMC Structure

HIPMC Structural Chart

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Backbone Organization

Maricopa County Department of Public Health (MCDPH) serves as the backbone organization for the HIPMC. What does that mean? MCDPH provides logistical and behind-the-scenes support for the organization, including but not limited to:

  • Event coordination, logistics, and staffing
  • Administrative support (taking and sharing meeting notes)
  • Data support & resources
  • Access to evidence-based policies & programs
  • Determining goals & objectives
  • Strategic coordination & action planning
  • Evaluation (survey reviews)
  • Marketing & communication 
  • Website administration

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee serves a variety of critical roles in support of improving population health outcomes through community collaboration. Members of the HIPMC Steering Committee are pivotal in:

  • Setting a vision for collective action by creating the framework for the Maricopa County Department of Public Health's (MCDPH) Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).
  • Offering guidance for operation and decision-making.
  • Responding to current and emerging county health priorities using the latest evidence in population health planning.
  • Appreciating the expertise of the community in health planning.
  • Recognizing the value and contribution each member of the community makes in support of our CHIP health priorities.


To equip communities and develop partnerships to promote equitable health and wellness in Maricopa County.


We believe in empowered communities working together to reach optimal health and quality of life for all. 


Our values focus on the following opportunities within our community.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity – Understanding, respecting, celebrating, and welcoming all people regardless of ethnicity, income, gender, age, heritage, or lived experiences. 
  • Health Equity – Optimizing health conditions for all groups, especially for those who have experienced socioeconomic disadvantages or historical injustices. 
  • Collaboration – Communities working together with mutual respect and cooperation. 
  • Access – Providing quality, comprehensive healthcare, and community services that are navigable, accessible, and affordable to all community members. 
  • Education – Providing tools, encouragement, and knowledge to all people so that they can make positive, informed decisions resulting in healthy lifestyles and positive health outcomes. 


Steering Committee members serve for two years per term, renewable up to two additional terms for a maximum term limit of six years. Current membership includes:

Areas of Representation

The Steering Committee is comprised of a diverse membership of individuals reflective of our community population and health priority areas, as well as sector areas of expertise and knowledge, including, but not limited to:

  • CHIP Health Priority Areas (Access to Care, Access to Healthy Food, Early Childhood Development)
  • Sectors (Education, Worksites, Healthcare, and Community)
  • Underserved Populations/Health Disparities
  • Philanthropy 
  • Policy/Legislative
  • Sustainability/Economic Development
  • Data and Assessment
  • Faith-Based
  • Community-at-Large and Youth Representation

General Steering Committee Responsibilities

  • Actively participate in the HIPMC Steering Committee meetings and events.
  • Act as a resource for MCDPH CHIP efforts.
  • Serve as Ambassadors for MCDPH as it relates to the HIPMC and other established partnerships, such as panel discussions and conference presentations on a rotating member basis.
  • Support the distribution of the Community Health Needs Assessment Survey to community partners and networks across Maricopa County.
  • Support Steering Committee recruitment efforts and participate in candidate interviews as directed by Co-Chairs.
  • Serve on or lead committees to support the activities and mission of the HIPMC.
  • Make recommendations for members or organizations to engage in the HIPMC or Steering Committee in response to gaps and/or identified opportunities.
  • Review existing and identify new partnerships to maximize the HIPMC’s response to the ongoing
    needs of MCDPH and the CHIP.

Steering Committee Meeting Archives

View past minutes and presentations.


Our partners and members drive the HIPMC work forward. Partners and members support the HIPMC efforts by committing to specific objectives, actively participating in meetings and workgroups, and contributing unique ideas and perspectives. Partners and members represent various industries, sectors, and communities throughout Maricopa County. Including, but not limited to:

  • Hospitals and healthcare centers
  • Educational institutions
  • Government
  • Non-profit and grassroots organizations
  • Private companies