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Gus_Light Rail Standing

Meet Gus

Photographed in the image above is the Maricopa County Air Quality Department's Clean Air Mascot, Gus T. Breeze!

Gus loves to teach kids about air pollution and how you and your family can help keep our air clean. He’s been known to appear at schools, parks, and events. He loves having his picture taken, so be on the lookout!

Did You Know?

kidsAir pollution affects kids more than adults because kids breathe in more air for their size and spend more time playing outside.

bikeWhen you ride a bike, you’re helping reduce air pollution while exercising.

woodSmoke produced from burning wood contains more than 100 different chemicals, many of which are harmful to kids' growing lungs.


Clean Air Activity Book

Learn all about air quality in this fun-filled book for kids ages six to ten, including awesome games and activities to make learning about air pollution fun and easy!

Air Quality Educational Kiosks

Maricopa County Air Quality Department has designed and implemented a stand-alone tool to supplement air quality education efforts. With a growing emphasis on citizen science, these air quality educational kiosks provide residents and visitors information about air quality in their neighborhoods. At the heart of the kiosk initiative is a small, localized air quality monitoring device that displays nearby air quality data in a user friendly, interesting, and relevant format. 

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Trees and Air Quality

Maricopa County Air Quality Department has created a free downloadable pamphlet and tree selection list to assist homeowners, government agencies, and developers to plant the right tree in the right place. Select the best tree for the environment and help air quality. 

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Page reviewed 29 September 2023