Desert Hills Area Transportation Study

Thank you for your interest in MCDOT’s Desert Hills Area Transportation Study (ATS). The purpose of the ATS was to evaluate the existing and future roadway systems to determine gaps in connectivity for roadway users. Those gaps can lead to access issues to and from properties and services. Recent emergency events in the area have resulted in concerns by residents on accessibility options in the Desert Hills area. 

The Study has been completed and the Final Report can be accessed here.

Study Schedule

Key Milestone Completion Date Status
Work Plan March 2021 Complete
Existing & Future Conditions August 2021 Complete
Public Outreach Round #1 October 2021 Complete
Draft Future Transportation Network Recommendations April 2022 Complete
Public Outreach #2 April/May 2022 Complete
Final Desert Hills ATS May 2022 Complete

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If you would like to speak with someone directly regarding this area transportation study, please contact Angela Macaluso, Project Manager, by phone at (602) 506-4176 or by email at