Making Vaccine Available to All 

two asian pacific men wearing masks and I got the vaccine stickersMaricopa County’s goal is to make COVID-19 vaccine available to everyone who wants it wherever they live in the county. We want to meet people where they are at in our community, and to ensure those who, historically, have a harder time getting health care can find a COVID-19 shot that is:

  • Available in convenient locations and times
  • Provided in a safe, trusted environment
  • Easy to sign up for
  • Culturally relevant with information in many languages
  • Accessible for people with a variety of functional needs

Read more about our vaccine events, the partners who make it possible, and the data that tells us who needs the extra resources to get vaccinated.

Pop-Up Events

In Maricopa County, vaccine is available at places like large vaccination sites, pharmacies, healthcare providers, federally qualified health centers, worksites, and many local, ”pop-up” sites.

Pop-up events exist for a short time to provide vaccine to specific communities. Each one may be different as they change by the needs of the community it serves. A pop-up event may be open for a few days to a few weeks. 

Events may be held at:

  • Community housing facilities
  • Community centers, parks, and libraries
  • Convention centers
  • Faith-based centers (churches, mosques, temples, etc.)
  • Any facility that is willing to host an event and has the capacity to meet the needs of the community and to ensure COVID-19 safety and mitigation measures are followed.

Many pop-up events have been held all over Maricopa County with great success, providing vaccine to tens of thousands of people. Some highlights:

Asian-American/Pacific Islander Communities and Essential Workers
Partnering with Arizona Korean Nurses’ Association to provide vaccine to the Asian communities and essential restaurant and grocery workers.

WATCH: AAPI International Market vaccination event

Refugee Populations
Providing vaccine events for refugee populations at the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix and the International Rescue Committee offices in Glendale.

WATCH: Vaccine event at Islamic Community Center and International Rescue Committee offices

Essential Farmworkers
Partnering with farms to vaccinate farmworkers at Rousseau Farms, Stotz Dairy Farm, Woolf Leyton Farms, Taylor Farms, and Tyson Foods.

WATCH: Vaccine event at Rousseau Farms

Senior Housing Residents
Partnering with City of Phoenix, Chicanos por la Causa and University of Arizona to do outreach and provide vaccine to senior housing residents in Guadalupe.

WATCH: Vaccine event for senior housing residents in Guadalupe

South Central Phoenix
Partnering with City of Phoenix and University of Arizona on an event for residents in south central Phoenix Harmon Park.

WATCH: Vaccine event at Harmon Park in south central Phoenix

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Partnering for Success

These efforts wouldn't be possible without our partners. Dozens of cities, community- and faith-based organizations, employers and cultural leaders to give residents greater access to vaccines, especially communities who have been hard-hit in the pandemic. There are many barriers to vaccination that impact our diverse communities of color, low-income older adults, refugee, and other marginalized populations. Many of these same obstacles have resulted in disproportionate rates of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and death.

We know from our ongoing community health improvement planning work how much disparities, such as lack of transportation, language support needs, and health literacy impact health and access to care. Maricopa County is working to address all these issues so that they do not keep people who want a vaccine from getting it.

Partners help bridge public health and the community by connecting organizations, groups or neighborhoods to fill gaps. Community leaders provide valuable insights to help immunization planners understand historical cultural issues that influence individuals’ decision-making process around getting vaccinated. By supporting organizations and cultural leaders that serve as trusted messengers within their communities, we can help build vaccine confidence, and reduce barriers that hinder vaccine access for marginalized populations.

Learn more about the issues that impact health and how we’re tracking them >

Find the status of your community’s health >

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Interested in hosting an event?

Community partners or providers who would like to hold a local event have a couple options. To host a private event, potential hosts can find and work with a qualified medical provider who has been onboarded with ADHS as a COVID Vaccine provider.

To host a public event, community partners can submit interest in working with the county to host an event that is open to the public by filling out a form to indicate interest. We will help find vendors for proposed events based upon availability of vendors, availability of vaccine, community need and host location.

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Still Have Questions?

If you have questions, please submit your question here or call us at 602-506-6767.