Emissions Inventory Resources

The emissions inventory (EI) instructions and process specific help sheets will guide facilities through the process of submitting an EI in the AQD Online Portal. Facilities that have emissions from more than one type of process may need to follow multiple process specific help sheets to report emissions.

Emissions Inventory Instructions

Emissions Inventory Process Specific Help Sheets

Material Usage Calculation Tool

Emissions Inventory Demonstration

Additional Resources for the AQD Online Portal

Visit the AQD Online Portal webpage for resources and information on how to access and use the portal. 

Online Consultations

Emissions inventory staff are available for one-on-one online consultations with facility representatives who are working on an emissions inventory submittal. During the consultation we can walk the facility representative through the process of updating the facility inventory, entering operational information and emissions factors, and validating and correcting errors on the facility inventory and the emissions inventory. Prior to the online consultation, the facility representative must create an SCS Electronic Signature and be able access to the AQD Online Portal. Facility representatives will need to have their facility’s operational information (equipment list, hours of operations, material throughput, etc.) available during the online consultation.

Contact Us

To contact Emissions Inventory staff call 602-506-6790 or email EmissionsInventory@maricopa.gov. Please provide a brief explanation of the question or issue you are encountering and include a screenshot if contacting us via email. If you are encountering errors in the AQD Online Portal, include the following information in your message: 

  • The date and time when the error occurred, 
  • The browser you were using when the error occurred, and
  • The type of device you were using when the error occurred (i.e., computer, tablet, phone, etc.).
Page reviewed 29 September 2023