Quality Customer Service

Maricopa County Human Services Department (HSD) is committed to providing the highest quality of service to all clients. If you have a concern about the quality of service you have received from us, please report your concern so we can improve our services to best support you, your family, and your community.

To report your concern, please follow these steps:

  1. You can report a concern via phone, email, mail, fax, and interpersonal conversation to any staff member of the Maricopa County Human Services Department.
  2. When reporting a concern, please include:
  • Your name and contact information;
  • A brief summary of what occurred and what actions were taken by HSD staff; and
  • Any supporting documentation.

When you report a concern, these are the steps we will take:

  1. HSD staff will follow up with you in 2 business days to inform you that the concern is being reviewed and to request additional information, if needed.
  2. Within 10 business days, a final resolution will be provided to you by an HSD representative.

If you have any questions or would like to report a concern, please contact the Human Services Department by filling out this form

If you have received services from the Human Services Department and would like to evaluate the quality of our services, please fill out this survey