My Priorities

Opportunity for All

Building strong communities means providing opportunities for everyone.  As Maricopa County’s population grows and our economy diversifies, we have to make sure people aren’t left behind.  That’s why I support the outreach and support provided by our Human Services and Public Health Departments; the skills-based programs that are changing lives in our jails; affordable housing developments led by our Housing Authority; and innovative job connections that are being made every day thanks to the work of county agencies, community partners, and the Maricopa County Industrial Development Authority.


I support the Board taking a more active role in elections so people can vote when and how they want to, be that mailing in their ballots, visiting an Early Voting Center, or voting in person on Election Day at their precinct.  Combined with new technology and appropriate staffing, a new executive structure in the Elections Department ensures both the Board and Recorder have adequate oversight of the responsibilities given to them under state law.

Public Safety

People want to feel safe in their neighborhood, wherever that happens to be.  I support community policing models that focus on building relationships with people.  These are tough jobs and our deputies need to have the technology and the resources to provide effective service to all of Maricopa County.  Equally important, we need to make sure there are checks and balances in place to ensure equal treatment under the law.