My Priorities

Smart Elections 

The Board of Supervisors has partnered with the County Recorder’s Office to share responsibilities for planning and executing elections, as outlined in state statute. This will mean bipartisan oversight elections not seen in Maricopa County in more than half a century. We are supporting this effort with new vote tabulation machines, appropriate staffing, and a new executive structure inside the Elections Department. 

  Smart Growth

With 200 people moving to Maricopa County per day according to the latest Census data, we need to make sure we’re growing the right way. That means building neighborhoods with infrastructure in place from day one; protecting and enhancing open space; and being smart about our water and energy usage. We also want to promote an economic environment that encourages strong, innovative businesses to locate here and our best and brightest to stay. 

  Smart Use Technology

I want Maricopa County to be a test bed for new technologies. This region is the center of the smart car revolution, and Maricopa County government is leading the way to faster and more reliable internet. In fact, the FCC is using Maricopa County as a national model for implementation and adoption of 5G connectivity that will improve quality of life across the region. Within county government, I’m encouraging us to incorporate technology to be more efficient and better connect residents with information and services, like we’ve done with the 2019 redesign of