Air Quality

If you are requesting a permit for the first time and live in unincorporated Maricopa County (See Map) you are encouraged to call 602-506-6010 before beginning the permit process.

Already know what you need? Continue on the Air Quality Department permitting page.


Know what type of permit application you need to complete. Need help with this? Learn about application types Opens a New Window. .
If you are applying for a dust permit, make sure you have your site plan(s).
Know what other required documents you’ll need to provide. Learn about permit requirements. Opens a New Window. 
Have your contact information, owner & property information handy. Look up your parcel number Opens a New Window.  for property information.
Know your project’s upfront fees (if any), see permit fee schedule Opens a New Window. .


Select the permit that’s right for your project. Don’t see the permit you’re looking for? View all permits or call 602-506-6010.


Open Burn Permit
Dust Control Permit
Dust Control Block Permit (located under the "Dust Control Forms and Block Permits" tab)
General Permits Opens a New Window. 
Non-Title V Permit Opens a New Window. 
Title V Permit Opens a New Window. 

Asbestos NESHAP Notification
Subcontractor Registration Opens a New Window. 
Tanker Truck Certification (Vapor Decal)

 View All Air Quality Permits Opens a New Window. 

Reviewed 26 June 2023