Data Requests

Assessor's Office Products

Please read about the Assessor's Office Parcel Data Sales Policy for data related to Parcels, Subdivision Boundaries, Assessor Book Boundaries, Ownership, Addresses, and Property Characteristics.

Flood Control District and Department of Transportation Products

Here is a listing of products available for purchase and their pricing. The purchase of topographic data requires some additional information.

There are Release of Public Information Forms that will be completed for you at the time of pickup at the front desk at the District Durango office. No action is required before the pickup. If you are unable to pickup the data at our Durango office, then you will need to make arrangements in advance for the data to be mailed to you. The District does not pay for shipping.

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Open Data Portal

This portal lets you find and download Maricopa County's GIS data. The data found here is completely free and ready for you to begin mapping and exploring today!