Working at the Office of the Medical Examiner

Covering 9,200 square miles and receiving nearly 10,000 annual reports of death, Maricopa County Office of the Medical Examiner employees must be hard working professionals who are dedicated to upholding our department values of service, integrity, compassion, positivity, adaptability, teamwork, and boundaries in a challenging setting.

  1. Employment
  2. Volunteering
  3. Educational Opportunities

The Office of the Medical Examiner employs approximately 100 staff members who are responsible for the medicolegal death investigations in Maricopa County. Open positions are posted on the Maricopa County job page. Be one of the first to learn about our latest job postings, which are typically posted for one week or less. Navigate to Job Interest Alerts in the menu and sign up today so you don’t miss a posting!

Qualifications for positions at the Office of the Medical Examiner will vary by position. Please carefully review the minimum and preferred qualifications listed in the job postings and be sure to capture all applicable experience, including volunteer experience, in the application. Applications that are incomplete or do not show the required work experience, certifications, licensure, or education within the application cannot be considered.

Our office employs a team of dedicated individuals in the following positions:

  • Medical Examiners - Board certified forensic pathologists who have completed medical school, along with anatomic/clinical pathology residency and forensic pathology fellowship, and are trained to perform all aspects of a medicolegal death investigation to determine cause and manner of death; licensed to practice medicine in Arizona.
  • Forensic Anthropologist - A PhD level board certified anthropologist trained to perform assessments of human remains and assist the Medical Examiner in scientifically determining the identification and injury dynamics of the remains.
  • Forensic Odontologist - A board certified Doctor of Dental Science or Doctor of Dental Medicine specializing in forensic assessments of teeth and dental records to assist the Medical Examiner in scientifically determining the identification of remains.
  • Medicolegal Death Investigators - Board certified Medicolegal Death Investigators who conduct scene and medical history investigations and provide reliable information surrounding a death to the Medical Examiner.
  • Forensic Technicians - Professionals who perform specialized work during post mortem examinations to assist the Medical Examiner, including evisceration, collection of evidence and samples, and maintaining records.
  • Forensic Photographers - Professional photographers who performs specialized photography during post mortem exams and maintain photographic records of the office.
  • Case Information Specialists - Staff members who coordinate the admission, release, and accurate case recordkeeping of decedents admitted to the office for examination.
  • Histotechnicians - Certified and trained staff members that prepare and process tissue specimen into microscopic slides for pathologic diagnosis.
  • Various administrative, management, and clerical/lab support positions