Permits, Forms, and Applications

It is exciting to start a big project for your home or business and you may not realize how connected the permitting departments of Maricopa County really are.  For first-timers or those looking for more guidance on their project, we suggest visiting the Permitting Services page for easy-to-follow instructions and resources.

Already know what you need?  Get it done now using the information and links on this page.

Get Prepared.

  Know what type of permit application you need to complete. Need help with this? Review the food permitting guide on permit types.
Make sure you have your construction plans/schematics (layout, equipment, plumbing, etc.) available if submitting for new construction or a remodel/review.
Know what other required documents you'll need to provide. These are listed on the permit applications, provided in step 2.
Know how to submit your supporting documentation for food establishments via the Cloud.  Please ensure you follow the instructions so that we can identify your documents. Please do not upload applications to the Cloud.
Have your contact information, owner & property information handy.
  Know your project's plan review/application fees by reviewing thefee schedule.  For stormwater fees, please visit the Fee Schedule page.

If you would like to set up an appointment to discuss your construction project prior to submittal, please contact us via email. Please provide details on the project scope and the address/parcel of the project location so that we can better serve your needs.

Fill Out the Application.

The permit applications are listed by category. Select the one that's right for your project. Don't see the permit application you're looking for? View all permits or call 602-506-6824..

  1. General Forms & Fees
  2. Campgrounds
  3. Drinking Water
  4. Food
  5. Mobile Home Parks
  6. Onsite Wastewater (Septic)
  7. Public Accommodations (Hotels)
  8. Public Swimming Pools
  9. School Grounds
  10. Solid Waste (Hauling)
  11. Stormwater
  12. Subdivision & Infrastructure
  13. Water/Wastewater Treat/Reuse
  14. Waste Resources

Our team will process your application.

Once the application is processed you will receive an email with your permit number(s) and payment instructions.  Please check your Junk or Spam email folders if you do not see an email from us within 2 business days.  If you have questions, please contact us at 602-506-6824 or email us.

Step 4

Our team will review your application/plans. 

We will contact you for further information and next steps.

If you are doing construction/remodeling on any of the areas below, you will need to schedule an inspection(s).

For the following, please click on link below:

  • Food establishments (brick and mortar)
  • Onsite wastewater (septic systems) 
  • Public/Semi-public pools/spas, wading, splash pads
  • Public accommodations (hotels)
  • School grounds

Construction Inspection Request

Step 6

Pay permit fees.

 Annual permit fees are required for all operational permits, with the exception of onsite wastewater and subdivision/infrastructure.

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