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HIPMC Spotlight: Get to know your Steering Committee!

Dr. Dulce Ruelas
Meet Dr. Dulce Ruelas (she/her), Steering Committee (SC) member, and Health Equity Committee Chair. Dr. Ruelas has been a part of the HIPMC since 2017. Watch this video to learn about Dr. Ruelas and her involvement in the SC and HIPMC.

More about Dr. Ruelas
Dr. Ruelas is an Associate Professor of Public Health at Grand Canyon University.
Dr. Ruelas would title her autobiography "Apoco".

April Jones
Meet April Jones (she/her), Steering Committee (SC) Co-chair! April joined the HIPMC in 2016, and became an official member of the SC shortly after. Watch this video to learn about April's and her involvement in the SC and HIPMC.

More about April
On the support her organization/company provides to the community
April is the Regional Community Engagement Liaison with the Department of Economic Security (DES), Director's Office of Community Engagement. DES works with families, community organizations, advocates, and state and federal partners to realize their collective vision that every child, adult, and family in Arizona will be safe and economically secure. DES works to promote enhanced safety and well-being for Arizonans by focusing on three primary goals: 1. Strengthening individuals and families, 2. Increasing self-sufficiency, and 3. Developing the capacity of communities. Whether you are an individual who needs help, a potential employee passionate about helping others, or a part of the extensive network of human service professionals throughout Arizona dedicated to improving outcomes for children and families, DES looks forward to working with you to create a better tomorrow by providing support today.

On the title she would give her autobiography
No Regrets, No Failures – Only Learning Opportunities

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