Chinese Food Safety/Operator Resources

2021 Code Change Handout (PDF)

2021 Code Changes - CHN

Health, Hygiene & Sanitation

Health Hygiene Sanitation Chinese Label

Active Managerial Control Policy Blank Template - General Use (PDF)

AMC Policy Blank Template General Use Chinese Label

Cooling Methods (PDF)

Cooling Methods Chinese Label

Clean-up Procedures for Vomit and Fecal Accidents (PDF)

Clean Up Vomit Fecal Chinese Label

Date Marking (PDF)

Date Marking Chinese Label

Food Storage (PDF)

Food Storage Chart Chinese Label

Grade Card Guidance (PDF)

Grade Card Guidance Chinese Label

Reasons for Permit Suspension

Reasons for Permit Suspension_CHN

Temperature Sticker (PDF)

Temperature Sticker Chinese Label

Thawing (PDF)

Thawing Chinese Label

Time/Temperature Control For Safety Foods (PDF)

TCS Foods Chinese Label

When to Wash Hands (PDF)

When to Wash Hands Chinese Label

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