Installation / Running Procedures

Installation Steps

  1. Download the NSTPS Installation Wizard (ZIP) and Installation Guide (PDF). Save and run the file in the user's local directory. During installation, accept all the default settings provided by the wizard.
  2. To launch the NSTPS Tool, double click the "RefineNSTPS" shortcut icon installed on the desktop.
  3. To run a sample HEC-1 input file, navigate to the samples folder (i.e., "C:\FCDTools\Samples\") and select one of the *.dat files. Once a file is selected, click the "Refine NSTPS" button. Click "OK" when the "NSTPS Refinement Complete" dialog box appears signaling that the run is complete. Click "Close" to exit the program.

The following docs and files have been included in the program package:

  1. NSTPS Program Algorithm
  2. NSTPS Program Operation Guide
  3. NSTPS Program Installation Guide
  4. Sample HEC-1 input files (SMALL.DAT, EXAMPLE1.DAT, KVLEXAMPLE1.DAT) and associated output files (*.csv, *.dat)
  5. HEC-1 executable called Hec1.exe
    • Important: This is a special HEC-1 executable; other HEC-1 executable files may not work)
  6. NSTPS Tool executable called, "RefineNSTPS.exe"
Items 1 to 3 are stored in "C:\FCDTools\Docs\" while item 4 files are saved in "C:\FCDTools\Samples\" sub-folder. Items 5 and 6 are saved in the main program directory, "C:\FCDTools\."