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  1. Animal Care & Control Services

  2. Mary Martin, Director

    Mary Martin


  3. Al Aguinaga, Field Enforcement Division Manager

    Al Aguinaga

    Manager Shelter and Field Operations

  4. Callie Best, East Shelter Manager

    Callie Best

    East Shelter Manager

  5. Dr. Nicole Hilde

    Chief of Surgery

  6. Chris Kunszt, Field Enforcement

    Chris Kunszt

    Field Enforcement (West)

  7. Holly Martz-Horner, Public Records

    Holly Martz-Horner

    Public Records

  8. Dr. Nancy Mayer

    Chief of Medicine

  9. Sheener Perry, Shelter Clinic Supervisor

    Sheener Perry

    Shelter Clinic Supervisor

  10. John Reynolds, West Shelter Manager

    John Reynolds

    West Shelter Manager

  11. Amber Romero

    Amber Romero

    Field Enforcement (East)

  12. Jamie Rullo

    Jamie Rullo

    Deputy Director

  13. Jose Santiago, Public Information Officer

    Jose Santiago

    Public Information Officer

  14. Ben Swan, Development Manager

    Ben Swan

    Development Manager

  15. Samantha Wessel

    Samantha Wessel

    Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

  16. Suzanne Fuqua