Climate and Health Champions Recognition Program

Nominations for the 2022 Climate and Health Champions are OPEN until September 30, 2022. Click the "How to Apply & Nominate" button below to get started.

The Maricopa County Climate and Health Champions Recognition Program was established in 2017 as part of the Bridging Climate Change and Public Health (BCCPH) Strategic Plan in an effort to build community awareness and knowledge about climate health and share information about successful interventions. 

Projects eligible for nomination under this recognition program include a wide variety of activity types, such as adopting a specific policy within an organization; advocating for a policy to be adopted more broadly outside of a specific organization; or implementing a tangible solution within a community or environment that are aimed at improving the health of our community and are linked to climate-sensitive hazards. We encourage consideration of risks that affect one group of people more than another.

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