Emission Reduction Credit Program

The Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) program creates a consistent method for sources to offset emissions in nonattainment areas throughout Maricopa County. 

The ERC program provides Arizona businesses opportunities to develop and expand while still meeting mandatory federal Clean Air Act requirements to improve air quality. This voluntary program allows participants to generate credits by creating permanent emission reductions in nonattainment areas. ERCs can be bought, sold, or traded between companies.

General Information

The following are useful resources that provide an overview of MCAQD's ERC program and why this program is important for Maricopa County.

Businesses can generate ERCs in a variety of ways, such as replacing fuel-burning engines with newer, cleaner units, or by powering them with electricity or solar panels. In some cases, ERCs may be generated by facilities that have permanently ceased operations and shut down. 

Businesses can consult MCAQD’s Public Records Viewer and Air Quality Data Viewer to search for these facilities and use the Arizona Corporation Commission’s eCorp Entity Search tool to identify their agents and principals.


Rule 204, 205, and 242 establish procedures for certification and utilization of ERCs from traditional and nontraditional sources.

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) administers the voluntary Arizona Emissions Bank to allow the creation and deposit of voluntary emission reductions that businesses can use to satisfy offset requirements for nonattainment areas. ADEQ also provides this search tool to view available ERCs and forms needed to utilize ERCs that have been certified by Maricopa County.

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