Partners in Public Health Preparedness

A successful response to a public health emergency relies on two important factors: Partnerships and preparedness.

During a public health emergency, the public may be directed to open community Points of Dispensing sites (PODs) where they will receive lifesaving medications to prevent disease and death. PODs are strategically placed throughout the county in large areas like school parking lots, faith centers and event grounds. By becoming a partner with the Office of Preparedness and Response (OPR), you help meet the important public health mission of saving lives.

Join our Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

Join our Maricopa County Department of Public Health Medical Reserve Corps Program as a volunteer. We accept both medical and non-medical volunteers.

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MRC volunteers support public health emergencies in Maricopa County by:

  • Dispensing life-saving medications at Points of Dispensing sites
  • Operating in call centers for the Public Health Incident Command Center
  • Participating in preparedness events year round

Open POD Partners

Schools, churches and community centers can plan with OPR to dispense lifesaving medications in their neighborhoods to the general public. OPR provides all the training and supplies needed to run the POD. Volunteers provide some additional staffing.

To sign up as an Open POD Partner, email with the subject line “Open POD”

Closed PODs

Municipalities, Hospitals, Utilities and other critical infrastructures need to continue operations during a public health emergency. Traditionally, workers would have to leave their job function to go pick up lifesaving medications but with a Closed POD Partnership, workers get their medications at the office. Closed POD Partnerships allow for continuity of operations during a public health emergency. In addition, many businesses will benefit from the volunteer match and corporate social responsibility opportunities that come with a partnership. There are three Closed POD categories.

Closed POD Infographic

To sign up as a Closed POD Partner, email with the subject line “Closed POD”

Closed POD Critical Partner

Municipalities, Hospitals, Utilities and other designated critical infrastructures

  • Provide lifesaving medications to employees and some clients during a public health emergency
  • Keep important civil services running
  • Enhance their continuity of operations plans

Closed POD Business Partner

Businesses with more than 5,000 employees

  • Lifesaving medications are delivered to the business for dispensing to employees and families
  • Partner with MCDPH for whole community planning and Corporate Social Responsibility programs
  • Reduces the number of people waiting at public locations

Closed Community POD Partner

HOAs, Closed or Masterplan Communities

  • Work with MCDPH to plan for public health emergencies at the local level
  • Run PODs in their neighborhoods and communities

Closed POD Resources