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Arizona State Clean Diesel Program

The 10 million diesel engines operating nationwide today provide more power and fuel efficiency than those that burn gasoline or natural gas. However, these engines emit more than 300,000 tons of particulate matter (PM) and more than 6 million tons of nitrogen oxides (NOx) into the air annually. These pollutants contribute to public health problems such as asthma, lung cancer, and many more serious cardiac and respiratory diseases.

Diesel engines manufactured today are cleaner than ever before, thanks to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. Since diesel engines can operate for more than 30 years, millions of older higher polluting engines are still in use today. Thus the State Clean Diesel Grant Program, or DERA, was created under the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The act gave the EPA the ability to promote diesel emission reductions by giving states the ability to provide grant monies. These grants are used to provide funding for local fleets to replace, repower, or retrofit older higher emitting diesel engines with newer diesels or newer vehicles that use alternative fuels.

Annual Application Cycle 

February 01 to March 15, 2023

Name of Document Date Published Status
FY23 DERA Informational PowerPoint (PPTX) 28 February 2023 Active
FY22 State DERA Program Guide (PDF) 19 January 2023 Active
FY23 DERA Technical Data Worksheet (XLSX) 02 February 2023 Active

State Clean Diesel Grant Awards

  1. Federal FY 2016
  2. Federal FY 2017
  3. Federal FY 2018
  4. Federal FY 2019
  5. Federal FY 2020

Deer Valley Unified School District #97

DERA Award Amount: $120,000
Project Details: Replace one model year 1998, one 1999 and one 2000 diesel school buses with new vehicles powered by model year 2017 cleaner burning diesel engines that emit less pollution.


Maricopa County Equipment Services Department

 DERA Award Amount: $48,595
Project Details: Retrofit 19 diesel powered vehicles with modern clean diesel technology upgrades that reduces the amount of pollution from each vehicle.

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