RWPA HIV Care Continuum

The HIV Care Continuum is a model that outlines the sequential steps or stages of HIV medical care that people living with HIV go through from initial diagnosis to achieving the goal of viral suppression (a very low level of HIV in the body). It also shows the proportion of individuals living with HIV who are engaged at each stage. By closely examining the proportion of people living with HIV engaged in each stage of the HIV Care Continuum, policymakers and service providers are able to pinpoint where gaps may exist in connecting people living with HIV to sustained, quality care, and to implement system improvements and service enhancements that better support individuals as they move from one stage in the continuum to the next.

RWPA vs State Care Continuum

As evidenced by the Phoenix EMA 2016 HIV Care Continuum above, RWPA clients in Maricopa and Pinal counties show a 20% higher Adherent/Suppressed rate than the overall HIV-positive population within the State of Arizona. This is in large part due to the collaborative efforts between the RWPA-funded provider agencies and the RWPA Office to continually work towards improving the health of our clients.

The continua below show even more detailed accounts of the health outcomes along the continuum stages for individuals living with HIV who receive RWPA funded services in the Phoenix EMA. Each continuum shows either comparative data along the stages or specific subsets of the RWPA population broken out by client demographics, such as Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Risk Factors, EIIHA (Early Identification of Individuals with HIV/AIDS) sub-populations, and by funded service categories).

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