ASHLine & Healthy Living Workshops

The Office of Healthcare Innovation provides resources and training to assist healthcare providers to integrate evidence-based programs that promote tobacco cessation and reduce the impact of chronic disease. These programs improve the health and well-being of the patients healthcare providers serve.

Recent research shows that up to 70% of smokers think about quitting each year. In addition, advice to quit from a health professional is cited by tobacco users as the number one motivator to quit.

By advising your tobacco-using patients to quit at every visit, you can make an impact on Arizona’s tobacco use rate. We promote the use of the Arizona Smokers’ Helpline (ASHLine) to assist those who desire to quit. ASHLine provides up to 4 weeks of free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to qualified persons who enroll in their program. Medicaid participants have additional benefits that are highlighted in our training. The use of medication and behavioral counseling more than double the likelihood that your patient quits using tobacco products.

We provide training and resources to promote the Stanford Healthy Living workshops. Each workshop is a six week self-management course facilitated by two trained leaders. The workshops are interactive with discussion encouraged. Participants who complete the course demonstrate significant improvements in physical activity, self-efficacy, and communication with their physicians.

To schedule an in office training or for additional information, please contact Charles Carpenter at or 602-372-8416.