Permit Research

General Permit Research - Permit history on a specific parcel of land may be researched online through the Online Permit Manager. There are two databases to review:

  • Citizens Access (implemented in May 2009) also known as the Online Permit Manager
  • Velocity Hall (from 1999 to 2009) If the project dates before May 18, 2009 and may have received a final inspection or may be expired, you may search this database.  
  • Public Records Requests completed by staff may also be submitted through the Online Permit Manager. 

Other Permit Research Options:

  • Weekly Permit Activity - For those needing information related to building and construction within the unincorporated areas of Maricopa County, this page allows one to search by year and week. All information from this tool are deemed unofficial and should be marked as an "Unofficial Copy".
  • Permit Research - Please be aware research conducted on a parcel is for permit history only. If there are UNPERMITTED structures, neither the Online Permit Manager tool nor the Permit Research option will identify those structures in which there is no permit record. You may want to visit the property and review aerial maps, then compare whether a permit record is listed on those structures that appear to have been constructed since 1999.
  • Zoning Verification  - Zoning verifications an be prepared for financing or other purposes to give the current zoning and zoning history of a parcel and its surrounding parcels. Our plan reviewers will do this upon request.

With the Permit Research Request (PDF) form and the Zoning Verification Request (PDF) form, payment is due at the time of intake. For that reason, you may print, complete and return the form to the office by mail with a check or bring to the office and pay by cash, check or credit card. The fee is non-refundable. The results will be both mailed and emailed (if applicable) to point of contact listed on the form. The average turnaround time for this request is two (2) weeks.