Senior & Adult Services Programs

Senior Adult Independent Living (SAIL) Case Management Program

SAIL Case Management services help individuals live independently in their own homes by coordinating needed services and assistance with daily living activities. The program provides case management services to individuals age 60 and older and individuals aged 18-59 with a diagnosed disability. Priority is given to persons with the greatest economic and social need.

SAIL Case managers conduct in-home evaluations to determine an individual's area of need and make referrals to an agency or program that may provide additional support and assistance to the individuals. The case manager continuously monitors the changing needs of the individual.

Coordinating In-Home Services

Case managers coordinate in-home services that are provided by other agencies and funded by the Area Agency on Aging, Region One. Individuals may be eligible for in-home services such as:

Adult Day Health Care:

Adult Day Health Care may also include preventative, therapeutic, and restorative health-related services. Young adult Day Health Care serves persons (generally under the age of 60) to promote health rehabilitation, vocational pursuits, recreation activities, and behavioral/life skills. Common participant diagnoses include cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Huntington's and Parkinson's disease, developmental disability, stroke, aneurysm, and traumatic brain injury.

Home-Delivered Meals:

Individuals who are home-bound and have a physical disability that prohibits them from safely preparing a meal may be eligible for home-delivered meals. An individual is assessed by a SAIL Case Manager to determine eligibility. If eligible, meals are delivered Monday through Friday to the individual's home. In some circumstances, meals can be provided seven days a week. Meals are provided at no cost to the individual, however, a contribution for the meal may be requested by the meal provider.

Home Nursing:

The Home Nursing service provides assistance with the prefilling of medisets, preparation of insulin syringes, and monitoring of fragile health conditions. In most situations, nursing services are provided weekly by a community provider. Nursing services are generally provided at no cost to the individual but a cost share for the service may be required by the Area Agency on Aging, Region One.

Homemaking Assistance:

An individual who has difficulty cleaning his/her home, doing laundry, or grocery shopping may be eligible for this service funded by the Area Agency on Aging Region One. The frequency of the homemaking services are based on the need of the individual. In most situations, homemaking services are provided twice a month by a community provider.

Personal Care/Home Health Aide:

Individuals with difficulty bathing or personal grooming may be eligible for this service funded by the Area Agency on Aging, Region One. An individual is assessed by a SAIL case manager to determine eligibility. If determined eligible for Personal Care/Home Health Aide, a provider agency will come to the home on a set schedule to assist the individual with bathing and personal grooming. This service is generally provided weekly.

Additional Services available through the Area Agency on Aging:

  • Caregiver Information
  • Counseling
  • Resource Information
  • Information on Benefits
  • Inter-Generational Programs
  • Legal Help
  • Older Worker Referrals
  • Recreation/Senior Centers
  • Referrals to Services
  • Support Groups
  • Volunteer Opportunities