Actions Required When a Spill Occurs

When a wastewater or reclaimed water spill occurs, the following actions should be taken by the operator:
  1. Stop the spill by isolating the source of the spill.
  2. Contain the spill. This may require the construction of temporary earth berms or dams.
  3. Call for assistance (other operational staff or utilities as required).
  4. Implement immediate short term clean-up including pumping and proper disposal of the spilled material and disinfecting the affected area. If necessary, quarantine the affected area to prevent access by the general public until the spill has been remediated.
  5. Notify the relevant regulatory agencies of the spill (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Maricopa County Environmental Services Department, municipalities, other utility companies, etc.).
  6. Implement the long term clean-up activities (disinfection, fecal coliform testing of the soil and/or soil removal) as necessary to remediate the spill.
  7. Submit a written report to the MCESD within 14 days. The activities associated with the above actions and a post mortem analysis of the cause of the spill should be described in detail in the written report.