Written Spill Report

A Written Spill Report should be submitted to the MCESD within 14 days after the date the spill occurred. This requirement may, at the Department's discretion, be waived for small non-critical spills. Also, a Written Spill Report may not be required for small spills from a wastewater collection system operating under a Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance (CMOM) permit. A Spill Reporting Decision Tree Diagram is available to assist in understanding when a Written Spill Report must be submitted to the MCESD.


The report must describe the cause of the spill, the actions undertaken to remediate the spill, supporting documentation detailing the remediation effort, the preventative measures and operational and maintenance procedures that have been implemented to prevent a repeat spill in the future, and any other relevant documentation or data related to the spill.

If the spill was caused by a major failure of the utility's infrastructure the written report should include a description of the action taken to repair the problem, a post mortem analysis describing the cause of the infrastructure failure and a narrative describing how the problem will be prevented from re-occurring in the future.

For critical spills, include photographs and laboratory sample analysis reports documenting that the spill has been properly remediated and/or failed infrastructure repaired. 
Water and Wastewater Treatment Program staff will review the Written Spill Report to determine if any additional remediation actions are required.