Access to Healthy Food

Mother and Son Picking Out ProduceHealthy Food, Healthy Communities

Many residents, especially children, have limited access to healthy, affordable foods and beverages. This limited access can result in poor health.

Studies show lower income families have difficulty getting to stores selling healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables. This initiative works with community groups* to ensure a healthy food environment in our community. For more information, contact us.

*One of these groups is the Maricopa County Food System Coalition: a community organization focusing on solutions for food waste, sustainable farming practices, food distribution and access, land and water use, and nutrition education.

  1. Healthy Retail
  2. Farmers’ Markets
  3. Gardens
  4. Farm to School

Healthy Food Retail

Healthy food retail increases the community’s access to affordable, healthy foods. Focusing on small, independently owned neighborhood stores in lower income communities, healthy retail helps:

  • Identify the types of healthy food customers want to buy.
  • Stores buy and highlight healthy items.
  • Store owners with food safety.
  • Encourage store owners to purchase healthy food from local farms.
  • Provide in-store healthy taste tests and nutrition education.