Adopted Regulations

The Adopted Regulations Index provides a list of existing rules and/or regulations that departments are required to administer. These requirements address various matters of public interest such as health, safety and environmental effects. These documents are provided in an effort to promote a transparent and open process to all interested parties with regard to regulatory reform.
AdoptedRegulation TitleDescription
11/2023Air Pollution Control RegulationThe Maricopa County Air Pollution Control Regulations constitute the legal basis for control of air pollution sources in Maricopa County, Arizona. They are adopted to implement the rules and policy set forth in the Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) Title 49, Chapter 3, Article 3. County Air Pollution Control, §§ 49-471, subparts 471.01 through 471.12 as well as 49-112 (county regulation; standards), 49-479 (rules, hearings), 49-498 (notice of hearings, publications; service); and under Title 11, Chapter 6, Article 4. Air Quality, §§ 11-251.05 (ordinances), and 11-251.08 (fees). The statutory authority also fulfills the State's responsibilities under the Federal Clean Air Act and its amendments to provide a legally enforceable State Implementation Plan for the attainment and maintenance of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

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No. AdoptedOrdinance TitleDescription
P-35 02/23/2022Fireworks Restriction
Describes restrictions for fireworks in Maricopa County.
P-28 01/12/2011Off-Road Vehicle Use in Unincorporated Areas of Maricopa County Ordinance (PDF)Describes restrictions for operating vehicles on unpaved property in unincorporated areas of Maricopa County.
P-27 01/12/2011Vehicle Parking and Use on Unstabilized Vacant Lots Ordinance (PDF)Describes restrictions for vehicle parking and use on unstabilized vacant lots in unincorporated sections of Area A in Maricopa County.
P-26 10/23/2019Residential Woodburning Restriction Ordinance (PDF)Describes restrictions for residential burning.
P-25 03/26/2008Leaf Blower Restriction Ordinance (PDF)Describes restrictions for leaf blowers in incorporated and unincorporated sections of Area A in Maricopa County.
P-21 06/26/2002Vehicle Idling Restriction Ordinance (PDF)Describes restrictions for diesel idling.
P-7 11/18/2020Travel Reduction Program Ordinance (PDF)Describes the requirements for major employers and schools to develop, implement, and maintain a Travel Reduction Program.