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Enhanced Regulatory Outreach Program Archive Listing

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors adopted the following regulations in accordance with the Enhanced Regulatory Outreach Program policy in an effort to promote consistency and transparency among regulatory departments. The Maricopa County Air Quality Department has undertaken significant efforts since 2012 toward regulatory reform.
Item Number
Item Name
AQ-2021-004 Rule 205 (Emission Offsets Generated by Voluntary Mobile Source Emission Reduction Credits) Describes procedures for the voluntary generation, certification, and utilization of mobile source emission reduction credits (MERCs) from captive fleet vehicles for use as offsets.
AQ-2022-002 Rule 245 (Continuous Source Emission Monitoring) Describes continuous source emission monitoring requirements for nitric acid plants, sulfuric acid plants, and fluid bed catalytic cracking units.
AQ-2022-005 Rule 311(Particulate Matter from Process Industries) Describes emission rates based on process weight applicable to any affected operations not subject to Rule 316.
AQ-2022-007 Appendix B (Standard Permit Application Form and Filing Instructions) Describes the standard permit application form and filing instructions.
Rule 321 Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
Establishes limits for the emissions of nonmethane organic compounds from municipal solid waste landfills.
AQ-2019-003 Rule 370 Federal Hazardous Air Pollutant Program
Describes emission standards for federally listed hazardous air pollutants.
AQ-2021-002 Rule 270 Performance Tests
Includes supportive data for good maintenance and operating practices, performance test requirements, and testing criteria of stationary sources.
AQ-2021-003 P-35 Fireworks Restriction
Describes restrictions for fireworks in Maricopa County.

Citizen Feedback

The Air Quality Department is committed to providing multiple opportunities for stakeholder input regarding the adoption and amendment of all regulatory requirements. In the event the Department fails to observe adoption procedures pertaining to Maricopa County's Enhanced Regulatory Outreach Program policy, citizens can submit a complaint.