General Licenses & Permits

Air Quality



Community Related Activities Construction Flood Control Fee Waivers (nonprofit establishments, culinary students)

Food, Restaurants & Workers Land Use Planning, Zoning & Subdivision of Land

Mobile Home Parks Applications

Pawnbroker Licensing

Public Accommodations (Hotels, Motels, etc.)

Public Swimming Pools, Spas and Splash Pads

Right-of-Way Use Permit (For Use on District Land)

Right-of-Way Use Permits (For Work within MCDOT right-of-way)

School Grounds Application (Public & Charter only)

Sewage & Waste

Tire Disposal Permit

Vehicle Permit

Permitting Services
Permits issued by Planning & Development (P&D), Flood Control (FCD), and Transportation (MCDOT): Permits issued by Air Quality: Right of Way Permits issued by Flood Control District: