Planning Area Maps

The Interactive Planning Area Map has the following layers:

  • Particulate matter less than 10 microns in diameter (PM10) nonattainment area
  • Ozone nonattainment area
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) maintenance area
  • Area A
  • County boundaries
  • Townships, ranges, and sections
  1. How to Use the Interactive Map
  2. Descriptions of Map Layers
Activating and Deactivating Layers
All layers of the map will be visible when the map is opened. To turn layers of the interactive map on and off, click on ‘Content’ in the upper left.
image of map menu controls
Then click the checkbox next to the layer(s) that you would like to turn off or on. Note that ‘streets’ is the base map and cannot be turned off.
image of layer selection controlsZoom In/Out
To zoom in or zoom out, use the roller on your mouse, or use the + and – buttons in the upper left of the map. To return the map to its original size, click the ‘home’ icon.
image of map zoom controls
Search for an Address
To search for an address, type the address in the search bar in the upper left of the map and hit enter.

image of the search bar
Page reviewed 1 September 2023