Operations & Maintenance

The responsibility of the Operations and Maintenance Division is to provide the County’s facilities portfolio with the essential services necessary to properly maintain 238 properties with a combined total of 10.5 million gross square feet.

The Division responds to over 60,000 work requests annually and manages an annual operating and maintenance budget of over $26 million. A workload of this magnitude requires the combined efforts of over 100 personnel in a multitude of disciplines that have been strategically located throughout Maricopa County.

The goal is to improve our service by structuring the organization into regional maintenance centers, which provide service to smaller groups of buildings.

The Operations and Maintenance Division proactively establishes new goals for each fiscal year. These goals are focused on results rather than processes and are compared against industry standard benchmarks.

Using the Managing for Results concept, we choose to benchmark against both the private and public sector to identify meaningful measurements and to form a standard for improvement. The goals and measures on the sample chart below provide a “yardstick” to measure our performance.

Performance Goals

A brief narrative is included below explaining each of the goals established for the Operations and Maintenance Division (PDF). All goals are based upon factored square footage. This factoring calculation is an industry standard used as a leveling factor to compare the maintenance costs between building types or categories. All performance goals are measured at regular intervals to monitor our progress and make adjustments as needed.
2012 Facilities Benchmarking

Maintenance Target

  • $1.68 per factored square foot
Includes all labor, materials, and administrative support costs associated with facilities maintenance.

Custodial Target

  • $1.13 per factored square foot
This target is 28 cents higher than the County is currently paying for custodial services. A new service contract is scheduled to take effect in December 2006.

Staffing Target

  • 55,000 square feet per maintenance technician
This is an accepted staffing model resulting from the benchmarking study and is based on the standard building maintenance work performed on a typical office building.