Business Services

The Business Services division provides services such as budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, customer service, and procurement for the department. This group has the task of providing stewardship for approximately $88 million in annual resources for the operations, maintenance, and remodel/renovation of County facilities. Business Services also oversees capital improvement funds that vary from year to year, depending upon the quantity of projects approved by the Board of Supervisors.

Our procurement staff supports the department with the administration of construction, services, and commodities contracts that are utilized by the department and serve as the liaison to the County’s Office of Procurement Services on Article 3 and Article 5 procurement functions.

Procurement Information

Important Notice for All Maricopa County Construction Contractors/Consultants

As of October 1, 2016 all future Article 5 advertisements for Maricopa County can be found at Additional information can be found online. Individuals and/or firms will need to have internet access in order to complete the initial registration and to respond to open solicitations.

 Article 5 of the Maricopa County Procurement code covers the services for construction, renovation and remodel of facilities, roadways, parks, etc. for Maricopa County.

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