Minor Plan Review

The Minor Plan Review, also known as Reconnect/Remodel Review is used to determine if the existing septic system is of sufficient capacity to accommodate flow from a new or replacement structure on the parcel or for a modification to the existing structure or to ensure that any structures added to the property meet all setback requirements.

Utilizing an Existing Septic System

There are several scenarios where property owners may want to utilize an existing septic system:
  • Removal and replacement of an existing mobile or manufactured home with a newer mobile or site-built home
  • Remodeling of an existing home
  • Rebuilding of a home which has been destroyed
  • Purchasing of a lot which has an existing septic system but no existing structure
  • Adding a guest house or pool house or other permanent structure to the property

Public Record Request

Public Record Request is required before submitting a Minor Plan Review, or to ensure that any added structures to the property meet necessary setback requirements.

Minor Plan Review Outcome

If, after the Minor Plan Review, MCESD determines the existing septic system is inadequate for the proposed changes, an Alteration to replace either the tank or the disposal field, or a NOID application to replace the tank and the disposal field, may be required.

Instructions & Requirements

For instructions and requirements, please download the Minor Plan Review Packet.