Fee Schedule

To see the fee schedule in its entirety visit the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code page.
Base Plan Review Fee Schedule
*Septic Tank Conventional Disposal, less than 3000 gal/day $550
System with Surface Disposal
Composting Toilet, less than 3000 gal/day $400
Septic Tank with one additional Alternative Element** $1050
Septic Tank with more than one additional Alternative Element** $1050 plus $250 per additional element
On-site Wastewater Treatment Facility with flow from 3000 gal/day to less than 24,000 gal/day $1800
On-Site System Site Inspection $325
On-Site System Site Inspection and Domestic Well Approval $375
On-Site System Alteration Permit $205
On-Site System Alteration Permit and Two Inspections $400
On-Site System Reconnect/Remodel Review $205
On-Site System Reconnect/Remodel Review and One Inspection $400
On-Site System Plan Revision $205
On-Site System Request for Alternate Design, Installation, or Operational Feature $75
On-Site System Design Requiring Interceptor $200 per interceptor
On-Site System Transfer of Ownership $50
On-Site System Abandoned Site $175
Domestic Well Approval $175
Planning and Development Plan Review  $80

**These alternative disposal elements are for all systems of less than 3000 gal/day and include the following: pressure distribution systems, gravel-less trenches, natural seal evapotranspiration beds, Wisconsin mounds, engineered pad systems, intermittent sand filters, peat filters, textile filters, Ruck® Systems, sewage vaults, aerobic systems/subsurface disposal, aerobic systems/surface disposal, cap systems, constructed wetlands, sand-lined trenches, disinfection devices, sequencing batch reactors, subsurface drip irrigation systems.