Water Treatment & Reuse

The Water and Wastewater Treatment Program is part of the Water and Waste Management Division of the Environmental Services Department of Maricopa County and is responsible for approving and regulating water and wastewater treatment facilities, reclaimed water stems and reuse facilities located within the county.

Maricopa County does not own or operate any water, wastewater, reclaimed water, reuse facilities or systems. However, the design, construction, operation and closure of these types of facilities and systems are regulated by Maricopa County.


The Water and Wastewater Treatment Program's activities include:
  • Enforcement - Enforce the provisions of the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code and other relevant rules and regulations pertaining to these types of facilities and systems.
  • Inspections - Conduct regulatory compliance reviews, operational assessments and inspect all facilities and systems located within the county to assure proper operation and maintenance and compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. Verify that operations personnel have the correct certification level and type for the facility or system.
  • Investigations - Analyze problems affecting the proper operation and maintenance of facilities and systems, perform odor, noise and nuisance complaint investigations and oversee the remediation of spills.
  • Operational Oversight - Assess the correctness and the effectiveness of operations and maintenance procedures, develop and specify testing criteria and validation protocols for the commissioning of treatment facilities and systems, analyze validation and performance testing data and reports, monitor water quality data and treatment process parameters to assure compliance with the applicable rules and regulations governing these facilities and systems, and identify operational problems requiring corrective action.
  • Plan Approvals - Review and approve plans to revise or modify the operation of existing facilities or systems or proposals for the development of new facilities or systems. Issue an approval if the plan is acceptable.
  • Project Approvals - Review engineering documentation, treatment processes and designs for the construction of new or the modification of existing facilities and systems. Issue approvals to allow construction to proceed and when construction is completed.
  • Regulatory Review - Develop revisions to the rules and regulations within Maricopa County government pertaining to these types of facilities and systems and provide input to other governmental agencies for proposed changes to rules and regulations.
  • Technical Support - Provide technical support to other programs within the Water and Waste Management Division and act as a technical liaison to other governmental agencies.
In addition to the above activities, Water and Wastewater Treatment Program staff routinely offer outreach, instruction, and advice regarding the rules and regulations applicable to water and wastewater treatment facilities, reclaimed water facilities and reuse systems located within Maricopa County.