Sam the Salamander

Meet Sam - the new Stormwater Quality mascot. Sam is a Sonoran Tiger Salamander, an amphibian that can only be found in a small part of southern Arizona and Northern Mexico.
Sam the Salamander
Sam is capable of surviving both in water and on land. He's an indicator animal meaning he is sensitive to water quality and pollutants. Sam is going to assist in educating us about keeping stormwater pollutants from reaching our waterways so that he can have a clean, healthy habitat.

Fast Facts

  • Can grow up to 13-15 inches long
  • Terrestrial salamanders lose their gills and tail crest and move to land, but they can also live in water.
  • Olive-gray in color, but as a terrestrial salamander is black with yellow spots and stripes
  • Feeds on a variety of insects, worms, and snails
  • They are amphibians and unfortunately, are on the endangered species list.
  • Spring-fed marshes are the ideal natural habitat for Sonoran tiger salamanders.