Report a Concern

Complaints concerning water quality or safety issues should first be reported to the water company that owns or operates the water system by calling the company's customer service number. If, after reporting the problem to the water company the problem persists, you may report the problem to the Environmental Services Department by calling the Environmental Complaint Line at 602-506-6616 options 1, 4, or by filling out the Environmental Complaint Form online.

If your complaint concerns odors, noise or a nuisance related to a water facility, a water leak in a street or a potable water hauling vehicle please report:
  • The date(s) and time(s) the problem was observed
  • The nearest cross streets to where the problem was observed
  • The source of the problem (i.e. the name of the business, facility, pump station, leaking pipe location, etc.)
  • The duration of time the problem was observed
Please include a brief description of the problem and any other detailed information that you can provide which may assist Maricopa County Environmental Services Department staff in investigating the problem.