Performance Test Guidance Documents and Forms

Performance Tests Handbook

The Performance Tests Handbook provides guidance and tips to facilities and test companies conducting air quality performance tests in Maricopa County. The handbook will assist in the planning and preparation for testing, actual performance of the test, and preparation of a complete and accurate test report.

Performance Test Protocol Submittal

The Performance Test Protocol Submittal Form provides specific test information in short answer or yes/no format. Many questions also require citation of the section number in the test protocol where the question is more fully addressed. The submittal form requires signatures from representatives of both the facility and the test company. A completed submittal form shall accompany every test protocol submitted to the Maricopa County Air Quality Department.

Performance Test Report

The performance test report submittal shall include two documents:

For information on Optional Compliance Demonstrations for the Semiconductor Industry, please reference the Permitting Handbook.

Page reviewed 22 September 2023