Risks That Are Being Prepared for

The following are a few types of health emergencies we are preparing for in our Valley.

Public Health Disease Outbreak/Pandemic

Pandemics happen when new (novel) viruses emerge which are able to infect people easily and spread from person to person in an efficient and sustained way. This might be COVID-19, influenza or any other infectious disease.


Bio-terrorism is the planned, unlawful use, or threat of use, of biological weapons made from living organisms with the intent of causing death or disease in humans, animals, or plants.

Chemical Emergency

A chemical emergency occurs when a hazardous chemical has been released and the release has the potential for harming people's health. Chemical releases can be unintentional, as in the case of an industrial accident, or intentional, as in the case of a terrorist attack.

Natural Disasters & Severe Weather

Natural Disasters and Severe Weather such as floods and wildfires could cause public health emergencies.

Mass Casualties

Mass Casualties can occur when an explosion, blast, or fire happens. Whether the event is caused by an act of terrorism or is unintentional, numerous people could suffer life threatening injuries.

Community Member's Participation

You are a vital, essential part of our efforts. To become more prepared and active on an individual level, visit Ready.gov for individual preparedness tips.