Public Health's Role

The Maricopa County Department of Public Health (MCDPH) Office of Preparedness and Response works with local community, State, Tribal, and Federal partners to help us get prepared for the unexpected. MCDPH is the primary agency responsible for protecting the public's health in the event of a widespread health emergency. 

OPR works in cooperation with the Department and other County agencies to foster critical community partnerships and coordinating resources necessary for community wide preparedness. We engage in collaborative, community focused emergency health planning and this includes taking steps to test our readiness capabilities.

OPR develops the plans that will help MCDPH detect, respond to and recover from health emergencies. These plans work in cooperation with the activities we perform routinely such the disease surveillance, health education and workforce skills training.

MCDPH works in cooperation with the Maricopa County Department of Emergency Management in preparing for emergencies and events that may affect our public health.

Vulnerable Populations
MCDPH helps to facilitate communication and outreach with community partners that work with vulnerable or hard to reach populations to provide timely, accurate and culturally appropriate information and materials on topics such as emergency preparedness, pandemics and health related topics that affect Maricopa County. The Building Bridges to Health network is maintained by MCDPH to help facilitate communication and resource-sharing among community partners involved in this effort. For more information, contact Jhoana Molina at